Upwardly mobile.

I’m not the greatest user of technology, it takes me time to get my head around it. You should’ve seen the state of me when I had to upgrade to Windows 8 – not a pretty sight.

My mobile phone is one step away from the Jurassic era, my Kindle is a museum piece, and my television harks back to the ice age. So imagine my surprise when I actually managed to set up a mobile app for my Facebook page, talk about being flabbergasted!

Anyway, should the whim take you, when you’re out and about, and you get a sudden, irresistible urge to visit me on Facebook, via your phone, go here 😀

mobile phonehttp://318e9d94-2411-4658-93d1-313a00845c08.mobapp.at/landing/Desktop#.U0wFZVfbDIU



5 Responses to “Upwardly mobile.”

  1. I’ve just inherited my eldest daughter’s first mobile phone that she got in 2006. She passed it to child no.3 who then passed it to his dad who had it until he finally bought himself a phone last week. It still works. I can send messages and make calls. I don’t expect a phone to do more than that. Sending text messages is fraught enough, I couldn’t cope with apps as well.


  2. Windows 8…grrrrrrr! I miss my lovely desktop calendar gadget that I had with Windows 7. 😦


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