A self review – part II

gloaming cover

And so we move onto book II of The Silver Flute Trilogy, Through the Gloaming. As I said in my first self review, I’ve written novels before, none of which were published, and rightly so. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I dumped words onto the pages, with no order or sense. That said, the ideas were good, but the plotting and characterisation were all over the place.

I carried on like this for years, until the day I had an epiphany, when the idea for Land of Midnight Days sprang out of nowhere. Originally the first book was a one off, but then I got to thinking about the characters, would they stand up to continuing their adventures in a second book, maybe even a third? Then I remembered the first urban fantasy books I’d ever read, The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, and that made up my mind. I’d found a niche, writing wise, that I desperately wanted to occupy, so I went for it.


I’d unwittingly already started my journey into the murky world of Urban Fantasy, the day I began to write the first book. But Jim Butcher’s work spurred me on, until my writing journey took me into the underground world of Gloaming. I am, by nature, a melancholy sort of person, and the twilit world I created in the second book felt like home to me. I reveled in its creation, adding greater depths to the characters, adding new, and, alas, killing off some. I’d always resisted getting rid of characters before, determined to hang on to them, even if they no longer had a part to play. But now, as part of my writing evolution, I realised I had to kill at least some of my darlings. If my readers felt sorrow at their passing, great! It meant they were “real” in the readers’ minds.

So, the question now is, is the second book better than the first? The answer has to be yes; there’d be something wrong if it wasn’t. Tighter narrative, faster plot, and characters that are both weird and fascinating. Yet, still there’s room for improvement. Again, I’m still learning and this will be transferred to the third, and final, book, Dawn Horizon. Better yet, the knowledge and techniques I’ve garnered from The Silver Flute Trilogy will stand me in good stead for any further works I pen.

gloaming cover

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