Full steam ahead!


Well thanks to my reduced hours at work, I’ve had more time, and the inclination, to write. As a result, I’m writing at least one chapter per day of my work in progress, Dawn Horizon, book III of The Silver Flute Trilogy. This fresh spurt of energy has given me a sense of achievement I haven’t felt in a long time, and it’s great!

dawn horizon

All I have to do is keep it up, and I can then move on to my next project. That said, even though the end is in sight, I’ll miss writing The Silver Flute Trilogy, it’s been such a big part of my life. I’ve grown very fond of my characters, good and bad, and it’ll be a wrench to leave them behind, and move onto pastures new.


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3 Responses to “Full steam ahead!”

  1. Well done honey, that’s fabulous news!!! 😀


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