Do you ever worry about…

Shetland pony…being  a one trick pony? I do, constantly. I’m currently working on the final book in The Silver Flute Trilogy, and as the end draws nearer, I can’t help but think, where do I go from here? I worry that my writing talent, such as it is, will peeter out, and I’ll be lost in a quagmire of non-creativity. The thought is unbearable, but it’s also something I have to keep in mind, which is why I constantly keep my eyes and ears open for new ideas, fresh inspiration, and as much insight into my writing as I can get.

My inner editor is always seeking to improve itself, by reworking the spoken and written words that surround me in my daily life. Punctuation is my weakest point, and every book I read, I can’t but help check out how different writers punctuate their work. I study people, seeking out faces that will provide me with new characters. I carry pen and paper everywhere I go, so that I never miss an opportunity to write new ideas down.

To sum it all up, yes I’m teetering on the brink of paranoia, but I’m also determined that this little pony will have a carriage full of new tricks, either that, or I’ll end up a mad old lady, surrounded by cats, budgies, and retired ponies 😀


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2 Responses to “Do you ever worry about…”

  1. I think this is something we all wonder about, Katrina. There are stories everywhere. We’re surrounded with them. One day you’ll find one or more that fascinate you, and off you’ll go, telling that story about that person, or that event, or . . . 🙂


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