Working full time & trying to write.


As you may know, most writers have to hold down a job as well as trying to write, promote, and ultimately sell their work; that includes me … until today. No, I haven’t suddenly become a bestseller – I wish – but I have at last managed to reduce my working hours. Due to health reasons, my employers have allowed me to work less hours, which means I can devote a bit more time to what I really love to do, to write.

My health problems won’t go away anytime soon, but if I can keep my stress levels down that has to be beneficial to both me and my writing. I feel a lot more positive than I have in a long while, and suddenly the path to true writerly perfection seems clearer, and even obtainable.

Spring is here, bringing me fresh perspectives and feelings of optimism; it’s amazing what a bit more freedom can do.  😀


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4 Responses to “Working full time & trying to write.”

  1. Been there, done that, have the jacket and tote bag to show for it, too. Not a lot of fun to fit writing in around the “cracks” and in the “empty” spaces, but it does work if we don’t tire ourselves too much. I have immense respect for you, Katrina, for doing what you do. One day at a time is the way to go. Being retired from a career, like I am, doesn’t solve all the challenges either (drat it!), as life does have a way of revealing “things that must be done” anyway, leaving my wife and I saying to each other “How did we do all these things when we were working?” Neither of us know. 🙂


    • Thanks George. My dad used to say he didn’t know where he got the time to go to work. He had a very full retirement, and refused to put things off he’d always wanted to do. He went at it full tilt. I just hope when I retire – few years off yet – I can follow his example. 😀


  2. Kate, I’m happy you’ve found more time to write, but sorry it’s for health-related reasons. I’m hoping your health will improve now that you’ve reduced stress and have a more optimistic outlook. Take care of yourself, Kate, and enjoy that extra writing time!


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