www… The importance of having a website.

wolf moon

The first experience I had of building a website was at university – and it was hell. As it counted for a high percentage of my marks, I was determined to get it right, but talk about a steep learning curve! The software we were required to use was more suited to professional website builders, than mere amateurs. Every time I managed to create a page, the text was all over the place, and some of the links didn’t work – as for jpegs – least said, soonest mended.

Searching for a domain name proved a pain too. My full name is Katrina Jack, but there were at least half a dozen established users with the same, or similar names. Then I had to find a website supporter, which I had to pay an annual fee for, plus codes, hyperlinks, all confusing. Boy, did I have a giant headache by the time it was all done, but that wasn’t the end of it.

I used to dread updating pages, or adjusting articles, uploading new images, and so on. Every single time something went wrong. In the end I gave up, and decided not to renew my subscription, but even that went awry. Despite giving plenty of notice, they still took the annual fee, by using the debit card number I’d used. So followed a war of words (on my part) to get the money back. Even when that was resolved, I was still bombarded with emails, asking me to renew.

However, a few years down the line, came the publication of my books, and I was reminded by my publisher of the importance of having a website, but I didn’t want to go through all the turmoil from the first time round, and I didn’t. I signed up with weeblie.com; best thing I ever did. Not only is it free, it’s so easy, it was actually a pleasure to build this website!

It’s very much a work in progress, but I feel a sense of achievement almost as good as writing a book at having created it. So, perchance, dear readers you have the time, drop by, have a browse, and tell me what you think πŸ˜€




9 Responses to “www… The importance of having a website.”

  1. There was a website design class offered at my high school when I was seventeen. At the time, I didn’t think I’d ever need those skills, and I was a little afraid of what the work involved, so I didn’t sign up for it. Now I wish I would have, but sites like WordPress and Weebly make everything a breeze, even if you don’t know all the proper coding stuff. πŸ™‚


  2. The new website looks great and it’s user friendly with everything at the reader’s fingertips. Well done!


  3. You have a brilliant website honey!!! I’m lucky, there are no other Sophie E Tallis’s so because money is very short, I’ve put off getting the domain name and all my websites are still free – i.e. still have the weebly or wordpress.com tag. How clever that is I’m not sure, as when I want to eventually start paying the websites to make them more professional, I could suddenly find my name taken! Tricky. But either way, you’re spot on, good websites are essential and you have a fabulous one sweetie! πŸ˜€


  4. I like the website, Katrina, and I like Weebly. After stumbling around looking, I came across Yola.com, originally from South Africa, but now in California. They’re great to work with east to use, and my author’s website ( http://www.geogepolleyauthor.com ) includes a blog, so I’ve got it all in one place. You’re so right about that early stuff; Gawd what a headache! πŸ™‚


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