Slowly losing my mind?

smiley-confusedI woke up at 6.10 am Sunday morning, convinced it was Monday, and as I was due in by 7am, I leapt out of bed, filled with panic. I rushed to the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and then back into the bedroom.

Meg, my cat, sat calmly on the bed with that type of infuriating detachment that only a feline can generate. I chivvied her off the bed, and flung some cat food into her dish, then stumbled about, one eye on the clock, trying to get dressed.


I was halfway downstairs, coat half on, half off, bag banging against my knees, when realisation struck – it was still the weekend. I stamped back upstairs, got back in my pyjamas, and crawled back into bed. The room looked as if a bomb had gone off, the cat was making disgusting noises, and chasing her dish around the floor. Worst of all, I was wide awake!

Once my blood pressure returned to normal, I decided to make use of the time and grabbed my computer. So one good thing came of all that mayhem and confusion, another chapter and a half of Dawn Horizon was born.

Ah well, you know what they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Even so,I’d settle for a nice lie in, and one thing’s for sure, I won’t be repeating my folly this weekend 😀



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