My life on Facebook.


As most of you will know, Facebook is celebrating a decade of social media. As part of that celebration, they’ve posted videos of various members’ journeys. I was unaware of this, until I stumbled across fellow writer, and good friend, Sophie E Tallis’ video, cataloguing her own journey, since she first joined Facebook.

I must admit I found my own video quite moving, as it showed my transition from unpublished to published author. There are also photos of friends, family and pets; my whole Facebook life in one short video, reminding me of those I’ve loved and lost, and those still with me.

Should you care to view it, go to:



9 Responses to “My life on Facebook.”

  1. Aren’t those fun? Seymour’s had so many good memories in it that I actually liked his better than mine. 🙂


  2. Like bright flames lighting up your landscape. Must find my journey.


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