And I’m back!


Ever since the death of my father, in August last year, I’ve found it very hard to conjure up the enthusiasm to write. Apart from some short stories, and the odd post on my blog, I’ve scarcely written anything. What I did write was lacklustre, and hardly worth the effort.

Then one day I was thinking about my dad, and what a full life he led. Retirement and encroaching old age never slowed him down. On the contrary, he seemed to acquire a new zest for life, going on holiday at least twice a year, travelling all over the world and enjoying himself enormously.

I think as he got older, my father realised life was too short to procrastinate, and he never allowed himself to do so. Remembering this was like an epiphany for me. I’m in my late fifties, and no longer have the luxury of wasting time, or wishing for the moon; time to roll up my sleeves, and get on with stuff. So I’ve returned to my work in progress, Dawn Rising, the third book in The Silver Flute Trilogy, and it feels so good to be active again.

A writer writes, an’ ain’t that the truth. 😀



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5 Responses to “And I’m back!”

  1. Well done honey. LOVELY new cover by the way, have pinned it on Pinterest in my ‘Amazing New Authors to Watch’! 😀


  2. Welcome back, Kate, and bon voyage on your return to your writing adventure!


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