Malicious, pathetic… stupid!


Is a person’s privacy not sacred anymore?

I put my computer on a full security scan last night, because I had the weird feeling that my privacy was about to be invaded by some b*stard trying to sell me crap I don’t want or need … and I was right.

After hours, the scan came up with nothing, so I put my “premonition” down to ordinary paranoia. However, when I went onto Google today, an advert “popped” up for a well know cold remedy. This happened despite my pop up blocker being set to on.

I shrugged it off, until I went onto a writers site I frequent, and discovered several key words were highlighted in red and double underlined. Yes, they were highly irritating and distracting links to various adverts.

After an hour of trying, ‘cos I don’t really know what I’m doing, I managed to get rid of the sneaky sod who’d invaded my software.

What really gets my goat, apart from the arrogance of these sh*ts barging their way into my online life, is that some of the adverts actually appear on TV, from apparently reputable companies touting their wares. Reputable? Hardly. Are they aware of how their goods are sometimes advertised? Do they realise, or care, how annoying these methods are? Do they know it’s illegal to hack people’s computers?

Well one thing’s for sure, I will never, ever buy any product advertised in such a fashion. So do your worst, hackers there’s always a way round your cretinous methods!



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