Climb every mountain…


…follow every dream, carry on writing, even when it makes you wanna scream!

That’s how I feel, sometimes. The days when trying to create a new world, and people it with characters worth loving or hating, seems so difficult I just want to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head.


But I don’t. I continue to try. To write gives my life meaning. I don’t really have a choice, I must write, or end up utterly miserable. That said, some days it’s like scaling a mountain. I pummel my brain for new ideas, and it refuses to cooperate. I end up penning utter drivel, which makes me even more miserable.


When I was very young, I remember reading about the Greek trickster, Sisyphus, condemned to roll a boulder up a steep slope, only to watch it roll back down again. Talk about frustrating! That’s exactly how I feel sometimes.


However, onwards and, hopefully, upwards.




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3 Responses to “Climb every mountain…”

  1. Honey, I feel like that all the time, you’re not alone. Just remember sweetie, you’re on your third book now whilst some of us are still fiddling on our first! You’re doing okay kiddo, keep your chin up. 😉


    • Thanks Sophie. Ever since Dad died, I seem to have lost the impetus to write, but I’m determined to get it back.


      • You will sweetie, I promise. I’ve been struggling all year with an inability to write since I got sick, as I seem to have lost my focus and ability to concentrate long enough to novel write, that’s why I’ve been doing short stories and poetry, to try and keep me going. It will return for both of us, honestly, it’s just been a damn hard year. 🙂


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