Write What You Want

Tricia Drammeh

A few years ago, I belonged to an online writers’ group where I posted The Claiming Words for critique. For the most part, I received good feedback, but there was one review that really got to me. Good reviews can make you smile all day, but bad reviews tend to revisit you, playing in your head every time you’re feeling insecure. The reviewer criticized my main character for being too Bella-like and then “complimented” me for even attempting to write a YA vampire novel in such an over-saturated market. My mind immediately skipped over the fact that there are no vampires in the book and instead replayed all the negative things he said about the book. Was my character too weak? Was my book totally lame? Nevermind all the nice things reviewers said–I couldn’t stop thinking about the bad review.

Fast forward a couple of years and The Claiming Words…

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