The year is almost on the wane…


…and it’s snowing on my blog again.

Almost time to say goodbye,

to a year that’s brought many a  tear to my eye.

Softly into the twilight it will fade,

taking with it someone so dear,

I find myself shedding yet another tear.

Life goes on, so they say,

through the night, into another day.

When the year finally reaches its end,

I’ll send with it all my love,

to one who now lives above

all pain and fear that makes up much of life.

For you, my dear, there’s no more strife.



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5 Responses to “The year is almost on the wane…”

  1. Beautiful, Katrina, just so beautiful. Parting is, as they say, such a sweet sorrow.


  2. A beautiful poem, Kate, very moving and eloquently written. It’s been a tough year hasn’t it? Let’s hope 2014 brings more joy and less sorrow. 🙂


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