The wonder that is a cat

catKittens and cats are simply great.

They give you love and have no hate.

They charm us with their style and grace.

Sometimes aloof, sometimes not,

if you have a cat, you have the lot.

They’re a gift that should always be prized,

they’re full of mischief, never failing to surprise.

They enchant and enfold you in their snare.

Cat lovers always beware,

the power of a cat to jump and dart,

to capture your mind and your heart.


This poem is dedicated to my friend and fellow author, Sophie E Tallis and her beautiful cat, Mimi.


9 Responses to “The wonder that is a cat”

  1. I’ve always been a dog person myself, but find myself with a cat in my family now! And I have to admit she has wormed her way into my heart. This is a lovely poem kate 🙂 x


  2. Oh Kate!!!!! This has me in tears!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much! What a lovely thing to do and what a lovely poem, you clever lady you! Mimi would definitely have approved! HUGE thanks sweetie, I know how you love your catty friends too! 😀 xx


  3. Lol, oh thank you sweetie, and yes, Tolly is as soppy as his mum! Totally love at first sight, though bless him, I don’t think his devotion was reciprocated! We’re letting the boys sniff her cat basket, and that seems to have helped. They keep poking their heads in and sighing. Poor boys. But thank you sweetie, that was such a wonderful poem. HUGE hugs! 😀 xx


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