Why, why, why?


We all know how irritating spam can be, especially when the little b*stards use bots to post whatever crap they’re selling. The gibberish that’s spouted still amazes me. A constant flow of sheer dribble, totally unconnected with whatever post they’re “commenting” on.

For instance, my latest spam stalker, has tried to post time and again, always on my recent short story: “Bears, porridge and cheap hair dye.” The prat posts under different names – as if that’d fool a flea – in a pointless exercise to sell various articles of clothing and bags. Here’s an example of one of this idiot’s posts:

“If you’re wild with me trying to excuse the $434
price of the Dolphins michael kors outlet online or the
Titans will have a hard time getting Miller a substantial
number of carries he gets. Photo by Doug Benc/Getty ImagesAndy Murray of Great Britain poses with memebers of the michael kors outlet
online were the smallest team in the league.”

It doesn’t make one iota of sense. One thing that does worry me though, is that he’s posted on my blog at least 20 odd times, over the past few days, which indicates that to go to all that effort, he must get results. Personally I wouldn’t buy a box of tissues off someone who can’t construct a post with correct spelling and grammar, but some people might.

So, at the risk of repeating myself, and teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, always delete these ridiculous so-called-comments, even though it’s tempting to respond with a choice expletive or two.




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4 Responses to “Why, why, why?”

  1. Very annoying, yes, I get a lot of these too. 😦


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