Yo Yo syndrome


Why is it that depression seems to go hand in hand with creativity? Be you a writer, painter, musician, or singer, the highs and lows of life seem more intense.


Every perceived slight brings about a gloom so profound, it can knock a person off their pedestal for weeks, months – even years. The highs are so few and far between that when they do come, the euphoria is almost unbearable, and when the inevitable fall from heaven comes, it’s like being run over by a bus.


So what’s the reason? Is it because there’s a kind of high and low switch in the brain, which when thrown causes the recipient’s mood to go up and down like a yo yo?


Whatever the reason, depression is difficult to deal with. Yes, you can take tablets, but there can be unpleasant side effects, such as insomnia, which in turn adds to the gloom.

tired eyes

On the positive side, being downcast can also help with creativity, believe it or not. As a writer of dark fiction, it helps me give my characters a hard time. It inspires me to write out my black moods in the form of stories and poetry. In short it can give me the impetus to create, and that lifts the lid on the pot, allowing feelings of negativity to fly away – for a little while at least.




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4 Responses to “Yo Yo syndrome”

  1. As someone who suffers from Depression too, I really sympathise. I must confess to being on anti-depressants at the moment and weirdly enough they have helped me to sleep as my insomnia was making things worse. It’s been a tough year, so depression is completely understandable and yes, I’ve always believed it goes hand in hand with creativity. Some of my best poems, best short stories, darkest novel sections have been written when I’ve been in a pit somewhat. Often comes with the territory I guess. 😉


  2. I tend to think that it’s inevitable. When you’re writing you’re on a high of anticipation, always building up to a completion of some kind. When you get there there’s always going to be a hiatus when you’ve finished one project and you’re waiting for results. You ask yourself, is this all there is? Then you slide. The only trick I know is to keep setting yourself goals. Always have another project. Keep busy!


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