Bacon butties & diet pepsi – yum!


As most of you will know, I work full time, and this sometimes involves staring at 7am. Now that’s fine even though, during the winter at least, it means getting up before dawn in order to get to work on time. So what motivates me? Well it’s not the sheer thrill of sitting in front of a computer, in a freezing cold office, and sipping lukewarm coffee from the vending machine that’s for sure.

No, once the work’s completed at 8.30 am, it’s time for breakfast – a big fat bacon buttie and a bottle of diet Pepsi.  What? What’s wrong with that? Okay, I admit it’s a bit of a weird combination, but hey, I’m a writer, I’m allowed to be eccentric.

So, what gets your day started? Muesli? Porridge??Or something as strange as my own early morning repast? Whatever it is, enjoy.




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10 Responses to “Bacon butties & diet pepsi – yum!”

  1. Now you’ve got me hankering after a lovely BLT. Of course, the only thing I have in my pantry with which to make said sandwich is the bread… *sigh*

    My typical breakfast involves cracking open an ice-cold 2L bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. Sometimes a doughnut, depending on how early I get to work. 🙂


  2. That’s all that matters – the taste. 😀


  3. Yikes! Haven’t eaten breakfast since I was 13! Dear dear…! 😦


  4. No we can’t 😀


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