Open the door to your imagination.


There are many ways to expand your mind, learning, traveling, and art, being a small example. My way is reading and writing. The stories that pour from my brain onto the page can be weird and wonderful, scarey and strange, but sometimes they can be few and far between.


I’ve not written properly for nearly two months now, since the death of my father. I’ve spent a lot of time skirting around the keyboard, scared that I won’t be able to do it. It’s frustrating and debilitating.

But now there’s a tiny spark of light on the horizon, which will hopefully grow into a blaze of inspiration that will fill my mind with fresh, new ideas and carry me forward on my writing journey.


It’s been a dark time for me, but now I feel it’s time to shake off the blues, open the door to my imagination once more and step through. Hope is a wonderful thing and I’ll cling to it like a limpet.



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5 Responses to “Open the door to your imagination.”

  1. You’ll get there sweetie have no doubts about that honey, you’ve just been through a really rotten time. It takes a little time for the brain to find it’s natural creative rhythm again. Don’t worry sweetie. πŸ˜€

    BTW, I DO so love all your piccies, where on earth do you get them all from? Are they free?


  2. Hope all goes well with releasing your dad and integrating the gifts he left. The wings of hope are keen to spread when we’re ready.


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