A surfeit of cakes!


As I mentioned last week, it’s my birthday soon – this weekend in fact. That being the case, I took some cakes into work to share with my colleagues. I bought a strawberry sponge, 2 boxes of Thornton chocolate cakes, eight blueberry muffins, 8 lemon muffins and 8 chocolate chip muffins. 

All fine and dandy, except I forgot the car was due to be serviced today, so I had to drop it off at the garage, then get the bus to the train station, to take the train to work, burdened down with my handbag and a large Oxfam carrier bag, filled with cakes.


Again, all fine and dandy, except it began to pour with rain and our local station doesn’t really provide adequate shelter, so I got drenched. Anyway, long story short, I arrived at work, wet through, and with aching arms, to find my desk decked out with balloons and banners and loads of cards. Fantastic 😀 The fly in the ointment? I’d forgotten there was a charity event on to raise money for a very worthy cause. Guess what they were selling to raise funds? Yes, correct, cakes, homemade cakes, against which my shop bought goodies could not compete.

Ah well, I may be older, but I’m certainly not wiser 😀




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6 Responses to “A surfeit of cakes!”

  1. Thorntons chocolates beat most homemade efforts i’d say. You had to fight for it, but you got there, cakes, balloons, cards and all. Hope you enjoyed it, and have another great day this weekend


  2. Happy Birthday Kate!!! Sadly, we’re getting older but none the wiser…I intend to buy myself another light sabre for Xmas as my old one broke,,,and yes, I’m now 40 and still as immature as ever. I think we stay young by being children in our heart. Keep smiling birthday girl and well done on the yummy Thorntons!


  3. Thanks Sophie x


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