Spam – can’t live with it and can’t live with it.


I’ve posted before about spam and how much it annoys me. Why am I banging on about it again? Well just lately I’ve been bombarded, on my personal email account, with spam from various porn sites. Now I know we all get this kind of thing, and I should just shrug it off and get on with my life. However, what really annoys me, apart from the obvious, is the stupidity of this particular spammer. Yes, I know all the spam is from one person, despite them using different disposable addresses.

The thick headedness of this particular moron is that all the “ads” are aimed at males and I don’t know any men who sport the monicker of Katrina, my full name. If they hope to get anywhere with their “product”, surely they should aim them solely at their target audience – men! After all, nearly every single piece of crap they send refers to male regalia and titles such as: “make it grow even bigger,” “make your woman scream” (at what I’m not sure, and I really don’t want to know).

This vulgar, pathetic little sh*t needs to learn not only to not peddle their filth to people who aren’t interested, but needs to vastly improve their prose style. Then again, anyone who visits their sites probably isn’t interested in such things.

One piece of advice to any innocents out there, never, ever reply to spam and don’t, whatever you do, click on the links. As tedious as it is, just block the addresses and hopefully the crap artist who’s sending them will get fed up and crawl back into their pestilential hole.



2 Responses to “Spam – can’t live with it and can’t live with it.”

  1. I get tons of spam in my Yahoo account-everything from car insurance ads to male enhancement products to mortgages. It’s so constant, I’ve learned to ignore it. But, now I’m getting spammers on my website (Weebly) who flood my contact form with multiple ads. It seems spam is everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. I can’t understand who actually clicks on their links or responds to them, but someone must be, otherwise the spammers wouldn’t still be spamming. Good luck in your war against spam. I hope you come ahead victorious.


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