It’s difficult, isn’t it…


…to remain optimistic?

The long, sometimes dark, journey through life can wear you down. Enthusiasm and keeping positive become increasingly hard and the road you travel becomes rocky and steep. But you keep going, what else can you do? Persistence, I suppose, is the key. All one can hope for is that at the end of the trail, your dreams will be realised and come to fruition.

But it can be hard – very hard – to maintain a facade of cheerfulness and determination against the overwhelming realities of the world we live in. The news contains images of war and famine, political upheaval, and is filled with the dissenting voices of those determined to tell people how they should live their lives. The uncaring attitude of those at the top, for those at the bottom of society is enough to make one wonder what the hell’s the point?

But through all the maelstrom of life, one must try to forge ahead, and leave behind those who would hold you back… there’s no other way of reaching and holding your dreams in the palm of your hand.



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4 Responses to “It’s difficult, isn’t it…”

  1. Dwelling on the world’s problems will get any intelligent, sensitive human being down. On the other hand, it’s a criminal cop out to pretend we don’t know what’s happening and just get on withour own little lives. Striking a balance is difficult. Keep yourself sane by writing fantasy!


  2. You’ve been through a lot recently, so it’s only natural to succumb to frustration or depression on occasion. The bombardment of heartbreaking stories on the news can bring anyone down. For the most part, I find you to be a very positive, inspiring person. I won’t trivialize your feelings by telling you to cheer up. It isn’t that easy. Just know that your writer friends are with you through good and bad.


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