A tale of drowning, peanuts and mobile phones!

mobile In this age of high speed, constant and instant communication, a mobile – or cell phone – is essential. So can you imagine how I felt when I dropped mine down the toilet. I stared at it in horror, as it wallowed in the water, before jerking into action and retrieving it. As I shook as much of the water off as I could, I couldn’t help but wonder if the “accident” had been a subconcious effort to kill the damn thing off.

geriatric-phone-1As you can see from the image, it was a very basic model, with huge buttons and a ringtone that could be heard in Outer Mongolia. It is, in fact, a “pensioner’s” phone and although I’m no longer in the first flush of youth, I hated it. Now before you say anything, I didn’t buy it, it was given to me as a Christmas gift by a friend. Huh! With “friends” like that, who needs enemies? Anyway, I felt honour bound to try and dry it out, though I was sorely tempted to bin it. However, my ever-so-helpful brother immersed it in a cardboard box full of styrofoam “peanuts” and blow me down, it worked! Within 48 hours the bloody phone had dried out and was in working order again.

peanutsHowever, in the interim, I bought a new phone, stating that I wouldn’t survive being incommunicado for a day, let alone two. I promised faithfully to keep the “pensioner” phone as a spare and have tucked it safely away, somewhere I’ll never find it, as I have a terrible memory.  😉


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