The building blocks of writing.


What do you consider to be the basis of your writing? In other words, what’re the foundations upon which you set the building blocks of your stories?. Well there’re are a few things that are common to us all, such as:



and last, but not least, world building.

world building

So how do we decided what our worlds and its people are going to consist of? I suppose this depends largely on what genre or genres the individual writes in. I used to write high fantasy, so major elements included: castles, dragons, swords and sorcery, along with vast quantities of magic.

dragon 2

I did this for many years, until I found myself struggling to write anything truly original. Then I finally found my writing niche, after reading Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels and came to the conclusion I wanted to write urban fantasy.


And so the building blocks of my work changed from the above, to images of:

Urban decay,


gang warfare,





above ground settings,

below ground settings….

…and so on.

You’ll notice I’ve listed far more building blocks for urban fantasy, than for high fantasy. This is because I’ve found a greater freedom to express myself within the first genre than the second. Why? I’m not really sure. I still love reading high fantasy, but have lost the inclination, albeit temporarily, to write it. No doubt one day I will return to it.


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