Time to share…


…all the stories in your head.

Like the squirrel who wisely gathers nuts for the cold months of winter, it’s time to put pen to paper and write, write, write. Time to lighten the grey dismal days to come,  with the colours of your imagination.

As I get older, I find winter harder and harder to cope with and become somewhat sluggish and unimaginative. It takes a real effort for me to come up with ideas and characters for any stories I have in mind. So I’ve taken to writing down notes, whenever a story outline suggests itself to me, and embellishing them whenever I have a spare second. This can be done anytime, even in work , when there’s a lull.

Once I have a certain amount, I “squirrel” them away in a file so that when dullness strikes, all I have to do is take them out – and hey presto – inspiration strikes! It’s amazing what a sense of achievement I get during, what is for me, a barren time as far as writing goes.

So no more winter writing blues for me. Like our furry friend above, I’ve stored up enough ideas to see me through to spring at least. 😀

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