Handsome is as handsome does.

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Now I’ve previously stated that I don’t read much romance, but every now and then I do. The author is well known and their books can be entertaining, if a little lightweight. Sex plays a major role in the stories, which may suit most of the readers, but not me. This isn’t because I have any moral objections, otherwise I wouldn’t read the books. No, it’s more that it appears too frequently and thus, for me, becomes boring and as soon as I see it appear, I tend to skip over it.

The frequency with which sex is introduced, interrupts what is essentially a good read, derailing me from the narrative. I also find it a little annoying that most of the characters are handsome or beautiful and their surroundings mostly opulent and nigh on perfect.

So what? That’s what this genre is intended to be, a fantasy, a picture of a life we would all love to have. Fair enough. But this leads me to the question of why? Are we all so shallow that we can’t see beauty in those who are not so blessed in good looks? Is utter perfection all we seek? Imperfection is rife in life and it’s what makes things interesting, in my view anyway.

This is one of the reasons why I write Urban Fantasy. Like every city, Liverpool contains pockets of degeneration and decay and it’s this very “ugliness” that fascinates me. Weird? Probably. But I can see beyond the ruin and wreckage, into a world full of potential for stories that have meat on their bones and not just the glimmer and glamour of a twinkly fairytale or pulsating heartbeat of romance.

After all, handsome is, as handsome does. 😉

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