How would you describe yourself?


As a writer that is. Does every word that flows from your keyboard drip with over description? Does every sentence ooze adverbs and adjectives? Mine did and, occasionally, still does, unless I keep a tight rein on my tendency to describe every little thing going on in whatever story I’m working on.

Long winded sentences and descriptions can really bog a story down, hence the reader gets fed up wading through the morass of words and simply gives up. The saying: “less is more”, is very true.

Having said that there’s the other side of the coin, when a writer, in an effort to tighten the narrative and dialogue, gives little or no information, thus making it impossible for the reader to get to grips with the story.

So how does one attain the middle ground? Well this is where an editor comes in. Someone who’s objective and can cut back on verbosity, or suggest additions that will enhance the story. It’s very difficult to be objective about your own work, it’s even harder to accept criticism from someone else. Writers have egos that could engulf the planet. But in order to gain the pinnacle of great writing, it’s essential to shelve any self reassurances that you’re work doesn’t need feedback, that it’s perfect and beyond improvement, because, in most cases, it’s simply not true.

To grow and excel in the craft of writing, be prepared to take on board good feedback, because constructive criticism is like gold dust.

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