My heart is so heavy today…


…for a loved one I cherish is going away.

Not right now, but very soon.

The end’s not far, it’s beginning to loom.

My heart’s so heavy, it feels like lead.

My eyes are dry, but will soon be red,

with tears so useless to all but me.

Oh time so cruel, you seem to flee,

far and wide, why can’t you be,

still and calm and offer to us all,

a balm to calm and soothe the pain.

Such a one as he will ne’er come again.

mariecurilogoThe cancer organisation, Marie Curie, relies heavily on charitable donations. So if anyone you know is being cared for by these fantastic and dedicated people, or you simply want to assist, please help in any way you can. Thanks.


7 Responses to “My heart is so heavy today…”

  1. I’m so sorry, Kate. My thoughts are with you.


  2. I was there twenty years ago. I felt it was cruel then, but I’d feel the same today. Thinking of you.


  3. My thoughts are with you too, Kate xx


  4. Thanks girls.


  5. Big hugs, Kate.


  6. So sorry Kate, my thoughts are with you kiddo. Remember, you don’t need to be strong, not with us, okay? Big hugs. xxx


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