Childish or childlike?


It’s an often asked question, is fantasy and sci-fi childish? Are both fans and writers of speculative fiction geeks and nerds, trapped in their childhood? Well for me the answer is no. I’m fifty plus and have always liked these genres. Despite this, I function perfectly well as an adult. I work full-time, pay my bills, learned how to drive a car and am perfectly capable of facing the vagaries of “real” life, without falling to pieces and crying for my mummy 😀


So what makes people think that fantasy buffs are grown up kids? One possible answer is lack of imagination. A tad harsh, I agree, but so is the assumption that fantasy and sci-fi are childish, especially when said detractors have never read the genre. Fair enough, if it isn’t people’s cup of tea, but hey, I don’t read romance. I don’t like spy novels or vampire stories. That said, I’m not going to knock those genres. They’re are some fantastic writers of the above, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not about to label readers of this kind of fiction as dull or boring; far from it. Written properly, any one of those type of books I’ve just listed can be, I’m sure, full of thrills, surprises and cliffhangers.


To me fantasy and sci-fi represent that childlike wonder we all had, when we were very young. Those of us who read and write such things often possess limitless imagination and a willingness to suspend our disbelief. It’s sad that when we “grow up” that sense of awe and wonder, the ability to grow wings and fly with the faeries, is lost. For most of us, life becomes increasingly dull, as we pass through school and enter the world of work. So forgive me if I indulge in a bit of magic and mayhem, from time to time.

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2 Responses to “Childish or childlike?”

  1. I seriously intend to never grow up. When my TA came into the classroom at the end of a science lesson and I was showing the children how to do cool lightsabre moves, she came to the same conclusion! 😛


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