Make your dreams reality.


It’s said that everyone has at least one book inside them, a story to tell, a poem to recite. But is this true? Most people read, even if it’s just the newspaper, but to write any of the above?

My experience is that if you tell people you write, they tend to regard you as being a bit odd, eccentric, or downright strange. If you talk about your work or share the fact you’re published, they either smile and nod and start to back away, or just change the subject.

My working life in the “real” world is extremely dull and people are preoccupied with family, bills, holidays, all the mundane things that make up their lives. If you appear a bit different, or have ambitions beyond holding down a job until you retire. If you crave something different, they tend to regard you as a daydreamer, someone who doesn’t quite have a grasp on the order of things.

So what is the order of things, what are you “supposed” to be? As I see it, you’re meant to conform, know your place and don’t dream of rising above the norm. But if we all did that, there’d be no artists, writers, singers, musicians, all those people who lift the rest of us out of the swamp of the mundane, into a world, however briefly, of beauty and wonder.

So, if you have a dream, don’t let anyone take it away from you. Even if the dream fails to become solid straight away, hang onto it, nurture it and one day who knows what might happen?



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4 Responses to “Make your dreams reality.”

  1. I agree. Before I found time to write I worked in the International Music Business and I encountered the look of disbelief, the incomprehension and reluctance to engage with me….I could hear the wheels going round wondering if I also did the sex, the drugs as well as the rock ‘n roll! Real life, ain’t it grand!


    • I know what you mean Jane, people can be real prats. Do they think people in the music industry are hatched from dinosaur eggs? Come to think of it, maybe some of ’em are. 😀


      • Oh and don’t ever come near to or have success…..then the questioning looks begin and the remarks. ‘So where’s the Rolls Royce then if you’ve had a number One?’ ‘Why do you still live here then?’ Success and money seem to go hand in hand even when you explain that royalties take years to come in, if ever, and everyone and his uncle gets paid first (if there is any left) and often territories don’t report for 4 years and only if a radio station, TV station, Movie soundtrack and venue has completed their Cu sheets accurately and you can prove airplay/performance etc will you ever get paid anyway. Dinosaurs yes. My family think wasters do art, write and perform yet they are avid readers, theatre goers and museum/gallery lovers; go figure!!


  2. I rarely tell people I write. When you tell people, they either regard you with disdain, or they say, “I’ve always thought about writing a book one day, but I haven’t had the time.” Either attitude is belittling. I don’t know which is worse–having someone treat you like your dream is stupid, or having someone imply that anyone can toss a book together if given a spare weekend. Still there are some people who just don’t know what to say. They’re so caught up in their day-to-day lives, they can’t comprehend why someone would step outside their box to do something different. I don’t know, Kate. Either we’re lucky for having this dream, or crazy for pursuing it. Either way, I’m good. I don’t mind being crazy.


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