Marriage proposals on Facebook

proposalAs those of you who are members of Facebook will know, there’s a facility for receiving and sending messages. But how many know that next to this is a section ominously entitled “other?”

Maybe it’s just me being dense, but I’d never really noticed it until a few months ago, when I was reading a message sent by a friend. I noticed that next to the word “other” was the number one, so I clicked on it. And there it was, a message from a complete stranger, who “just happened” to come upon my author page. He said he would like to meet me and thought I had a “beautiful” face. Well, this saddo must’ve been desperate, kinky, a pervert, or possibly all three. Any of you who’ve seen my photograph would have to agree I ain’t the most glamorous of women.

Then there was the gent, whose face looked like a bag of walnuts, telling me all about his likes and dislikes and that he too would like to meet me, but if I thought he was into sex games, I was sadly mistaken. AS IF!!! Not only was he being extremely presumptuous, I’d sooner gouge my eyes out than get up to any rumpy pumpy with a warthog lookalike like him. He went on to say he’d tell me more about himself, when I replied to him – again taking a lot for granted.

Well, as you can imagine, these “other” messages really creeped me out. How did I deal with them? First and foremost, never, ever reply to them. Report them to Facebook as the sh*t they are and leave it at that. The sad fact is that social media is a useful tool but also open to abuse by cretins. Don’t encourage them by responding. Treat them with the contempt they deserve.

What’s also sad, for me anyway, is those pathetic messages are the closet to a marriage proposal I’ve ever had. Not sure what that says about me, but I’m a confirmed spinster unless someone like Mr Darcy comes along.

Yeah, right. 😀

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4 Responses to “Marriage proposals on Facebook”

  1. Oh wow, I just clicked ‘other’ and realised I have a lot of unread mail! I am sure though, not many would be from people I know. What a great way to pull out some chocolate and have a few giggles.


  2. Yeap, I’ve had a several of these I’m afraid. Quite a few African gentlemen and Eastern European gentlemen, a few Ukrainians and several US army guys!!! Dear dear…you can’t believe how deseprate these people are. They know nothing about me, other than my photo and the little personal info I put on the web. I don’t even give my accurate birthday, yet some of them spill their live stories and want us to ‘connect’ and be ‘soul mates’. Ugh!. I DON’T think so!!!! Best policy is definitely to delete ot report. 🙂


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