Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.

balloonsSo now the second book of The Silver Flute Trilogy is published as an e book, and later will go into print, what’s next? Yes, there’s Dawn Horizon, the final book, but after that?

One of my greatest fears, as a writer, is running out of inspiration, that the well will run dry.

wellFortunately for me, at the moment I have the germ of an idea for my next piece of work. I have a vague outline in my head for characters and settings, but no plot as yet. I also have an idea for a title, but I’ll keep that to myself for now.

Realize Step-By-Step Success… The Consummate Way™So it’s onwards and ever upwards, writing and creating. Testing new boundaries and forging ahead up that steep learning curve that is ever the fate of an author. 😀




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5 Responses to “Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.”

  1. Has it been released already?


  2. Brilliant news Kate, yes, Ecanus really don’t mess about! Got my Kindle for PC copy through Amazon UK already, looking forward to reading it. 😀


  3. Yes, they’re fast all right. I suppose it’s because they’re a small company and there’s a lot of competition out there.


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