I’m melting! I’m melting!


Being British, I naturally moan about the weather; most Brits do. We bemoan the fact it’s constantly raining, or it’s freezing, or the summer doesn’t make an appearance – not this year. Now we’re moaning it’s too hot.

The constant sunshine is beginning to pall, at least for me, and the heat is oppressive and makes getting a decent night’s sleep almost impossible. Why do I find never ending sunshine so depressing? Because by nature I’m a gloomy kind of a gal; you only have to read my books to see that 😀

I’m in the middle of doing the final edit for book two of The Silver Flute Trilogy, Through the Gloaming, and given the dark nature of the story, the sunshine’s putting me off. I just can’t get in the right frame of mind, damn it!

So bring forth the storm clouds, unleash the rain, let free the lightning and give me back my muse.




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8 Responses to “I’m melting! I’m melting!”

  1. I don’t know what kind of heat you’ve been having but we’ve had steady 33-35° for almost a fortnight now, and guess what? The forecast for the next week is heat wave. Apparently we haven’t been over the limit yet. You’re melting!


  2. I have to say I never moan about the frost and snow as I love frosty snowy weather, But I’m totally with you on all this hot stuff!! Good luck with your editing! 🙂


  3. Yeap, it’s absolutely boiling. Six days in a run that the thermometer here has said 34 degrees in the SHADE! Well over 50 in direct sunlight. Dear dear…I think for me, I love the Spring, without the heat of summer or the icy chill of Winter…er…or the spiders of Autumn. At least Spring has that wonderful mixture of snow some days, the warm promise of Summer on others and everything is starting to awaken and grow. Lovely. Yeap, give me Spring, not this oven heat! …ye gods…but we don’t want the last 5 years of summer washouts – rain and flooding either…! 🙂


  4. It’s pretty warm here too. The humidity is stifling. Unfortunately, this is the type of weather we expect from June through September, so we’ve got many more weeks ahead of us. (Missouri, USA) I agree with you, Kate. I love rain and thunderstorms as long as it doesn’t bring tornadoes and flooding. I prefer grey skies. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with your writing soon.


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