How to climb the stairway to success?

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How do you climb the staircase to success as a writer? Well I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. Luck plays a big part in rising from the unknown through to a bestseller. Being picked up by a big publisher seems to be the best way, since you’ll get a marketing team, editor, proof readers and so on. Having said that, trying to get picked up by one of the famous publishing houses it next to impossible, a huge amount of luck is needed.

Then again, would you want to be picked up by one of these institutions? I always thought I did, but quantity, not quality, seems to be the name of the game these days. I’m not going to name names, but fairly recently published works seem to owe their meteoric rise to fame and fortune due to the raunchy contents, rather than the quality of the writing.

This trend makes me sad. What happened to the love of a good, well written story. What happened to grammar, spelling and so on? The popular view seems to be that these things don’t matter any more. I really think I’ll go mad if I hear the phrase: “the story is king” one more time. And at the risk of driving other people insane, I’ll repeat my assertion that, yes it is, but it also has to be readable, which means all of the above. It means time and effort. It means putting your heart and soul into your work. It means not running after fame and fortune, because if that’s your reason for writing you’re in the wrong game.

As Henri Matisse once said: writing


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