What makes a book…

PageTurnerHeader…a page turner?

Depends on what you like to read, I suppose. My own taste veers towards the adventurous, fast paced and on-the-edge-of your seat type of story. And that’s how I write, keeping up a pace that some may find exhausting, whilst others relish the dire situations I put my characters in.

One constant comment I get, is that it’s not hard to emphasise with my main character, Jeremiah Tully. Born with the dual disadvantages of being mute and mixed race, into a world intolerant of difference and perceived weaknesses, he has the saving grace of being an extraordinary musician.

There’re also other characters with good  and bad traits, an eclectic mix that I hope will hold the reader’s interest until the very last page and engender a willingness to read books 2 and 3 in The Silver Flute Trilogy.

So what do you think makes a good page turner? What kind of story will prompt you to keep reading? In other words, what do you, the reader, look for in a book?

Interesting questions and no doubt there’re interesting answers. 😀




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One Response to “What makes a book…”

  1. I think you’re right that there has to be more too a book than pace. Character is all important too. For example, Iv’e just finished a story that was a real page-turner, but that’s all it was. Full of action, but the characters were so unbelieveable it was like reading the Beano.


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