When you’re looking for inspiration, does it descend in a flash of light, spiraling into your brain like a bolt of lightning? Or does it gradually form itself in your mind, like an expanding cloud of enlightenment? Whatever way a writer gathers inspiration, from whatever source, it’s essential it’s stored securely away for future use and not forgotten or discarded.

There’re various ways to keep a record of musings and ideas. One is the faithful notebook, kept constantly available. A more modern, and perhaps more efficient way, is to record everything on a  computer, transferring information, for safety, to an external hardrive, memory stick, or various storage facilities now available on the internet, such as Cloud.

The point is, whichever method is preferred, never let an idea slip through your fingers, never let them escape; hold into them as tightly as you can.

Missed opportunities are a millstone round our necks.



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One Response to “BRAINSTORM!”

  1. I’ve recorded ideas on the backs of envelopes, napkins–anyplace I can find to job down a note. Now I carry a small notepad with me so I’m not caught unawares when inspiration strikes.


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