How can books change your life?


Believe it or not, there’re some people who consider reading to be dull, a waste of time, pointless. Why? Probably due to a number of reasons. Apart from those who suffer from Dyslexia, and therefore find reading difficult, there are others who perhaps haven’t been exposed to the right kind of books and have been forced to read material they’ve found unpalatable. This has resulted in their avoiding all books and only reading when absolutely necessary for their day to day needs. It’s a huge shame, since reading can open portals to worlds unexplored and provide the chance to meet amazing characters. It enables us to sail away, beyond the limitations imposed on us by society as a whole.

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I remember being taught French at school. The teacher was so dry that it put me right off learning any foreign languages at all. The British are already a little insular in this regard as the English language is widely spoken all over the world, so why make the effort? The answer is, we’re missing out. As in reading, speaking another tongue broadens one’s horizons to an amazing degree. It opens up new vistas and supplies the mind with amazing opportunities to explore strange places, fight dragons and experience a freedom unavailable elsewhere.

dragon book

Books are a wonderful, fantastic medium. They open doors and tantalize us with endless possibilities. All we have to do is turn the page.

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