My journey to work

The only part of my day that contains any real beauty, is my journey to and from work. This is because I drive along a road called Riverside Drive, in Liverpool.


As I enter it in the morning, each side of the road is a plethora of bushes and trees and small fields, giving one a feeling of being in the country.

As I progress, the right hand side is interspersed with side roads, closes, crescents and drives, containing small estates of fairly new houses. On the left, the river Mersey comes into view, waves rippling, buoys bobbing and ships, both commercial and private, cutting their way through the water.


It depends on the weather, which face the river chooses to show. I often start work early and as a result have seen some spectacular sunrises, reflected in the waters of the Mersey, turning it into a golden hued highway. If it’s dull, then a steel grey, almost menacing sheet of water, froths and churns, ominous and chilling.

Two roundabouts mark the way to work and at each one, there’s something different to see. At the first, to the left, is the former site of the Garden Festival. Once filled with glorious blooms, it now lies abandoned and desolate.

river 2 gdns 

At the next roundabout is a footpath, leading to a rustic gate, which in turn leads to a small, lush green park. Slightly overgrown, it resembles a Faerie Shee. One could almost imagine the sprites holding a festival or gathering there, perhaps to celebrate midsummer.

The road stretches on, until I and my car finally emerge from Riverside Drive, onto Sefton Street. This road could not be more different from the almost enchanted world left behind. It’s back to reality with a bang. This road is crowded with cars and industrial and commercial units rear to either side, filling the skyline with their various shapes.

 2012-11-20-463 Brunswick-Dock-Silos-1979

Both reality and work beckon and the dream is forgotten, until home time and I can once again resume my journey. Just before I reach the main road at the other end of Riverside Drive, a wonderful sight sometimes reaches my eyes, if the day is windy. If the conditions are right, the sky above Otterspool Promenade is filled with beautiful kites of all shapes and sizes. Dragons, swallowtails, box kites, flat kites, all with graceful tails trailing out behind them, swoop, swirl, twist and turn, as they ride high on the breeze coming off the river.

After a long, dull day at work, such a sight lifts my heart.



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