Calling all Facebook addicts!


Why is social media so addictive? Yes, it’s great for making new contacts, advertising your work and networking. However, this morning, I’ve surfed Facebook at least four times, occasionally stopping to read an article, or view a video, or go ahhh, whenever I see an image of a cute kitten or puppy.

Haven’t I got anything better to do? Damn right I have! So why am I wasting at least an hour and a half skimming through Facebook posts? ‘Cos I’ve fallen prey to the writer’s ailment of procrastinating – God help me.

Now I’ve got to go to work, so I can’t even go over the last few chapters of my current wip, Dawn Horizon. I really must pull myself together.

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9 Responses to “Calling all Facebook addicts!”

  1. I hear you and gees don’t get hooked on a Facebook game because then its even harder to go cold turkey on the social media platform. Soon we might even see FAA – Facebook Anonymous Addict Groups.


  2. I’m not a facebook addict – I find it easy to go cold turkey – provided I’m at least 20 miles from the nearest internet access.


  3. Yes Kate, but I defy anyone to be as big a procrastinator as me!!!! Due to my continuing illness this year, I’m afraid all life as I knew it has effectively stopped, as I now have the attention span of a fruit fly (when my head allows me to concentrate at all). Look at the evidence folks, my lovely Kate and Lindsey who were at similiar stages in their second books to me, have now finished them (HUGE well done’s all round) and are forging forward onto their next great tome. Me? Ahem…Let’s just say, that I have discovered that unfortunately I am not a book a year girl, despite wanting to be and working my arse off. And when you’re unwell, then yes, the art of distraction and procrastination start to take on truly epic proportions! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • I know what you mean, Sophie, but it can’t be helped. Illness is a huge barrier to concentration. I’ve stalled on my 3rd book, because of the situation with my dad. Chin up girl, you’ll get back on the horse again.


  4. Facebook is for gossip, cute cats and nature’s paradise. An image of flowers in my garden got over 20 likes, figure, while sharing my blog posts I’d be lucky to get any attention. Funny, I just posted a something on ‘distraction.’ Waving wellness to all, and especially Sophie โ˜ผ


  5. Thanks Sophie and Ashen, waving wellness back to you both ๐Ÿ˜€


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