Why does the weekend…


…go so quickly?

Fridays, where I work, are always a little weird. People behave oddly, singing under their breath, whistling, cracking corny jokes and eating copious amounts of sweets; etc. For instance, I was singing Shirley Temple songs, The Good ship lollipop and Animal Crackers in my soup, until my colleague threatened to punch me. Sheesh – there’s no pleasing some people!

Anyway, the reason for these erratic carryings on, is because the weekend is nigh. Freedom beckons at the end of a long, dark week, and we all react accordingly. But then what happens? We all stampede out the door, as soon as home time arrives, only to find ourselves dragging our carcases back in again, Monday morning. What’s even worse, the weather, which has been crap all weekend, is now sunny.

There’s no justice, I tell you – none at all. Why can’t we have five day weekends and two day working weeks – seems sensible to me.




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6 Responses to “Why does the weekend…”

  1. Now that I’m retired the one thing that I do miss is that Friday feeling- odd isn’t it because I loved all my jobs and the weekend was quite often just a round of laundry, cleaning and shopping. I suppose it’s just that feeling that you are in charge of your own life for a while with no-one to answer to but yourself. – well yourself and the laundry and the …….. 🙂


  2. And isn’t it the way it always goes? Hope your next weekend will be better.


  3. Almost envious. ‘Cause I’m now in charge of my client schedule, my weekend pockets are all over the place. I still enjoy the peace of a Sunday, but then I don’t live in a big city.


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