It’s been one of those days.


Some days you’re better off staying in bed. I’m so badly organised sometimes. For instance, the car was running low on petrol and I really should’ve filled it up yesterday. Could I be bothered? No, I couldn’t. So instead I got up at 5.30 am, pulled some trousers on over my pyjamas, dragged on a coat and with both hair and teeth unbrushed, went to the nearest Tesco’s to get petrol.

Well I got there too early. The kiosk was closed, as I was informed over a loudspeaker by the lady filling up the till. I nearly had a heart attack, since my back was to the kiosk and I didn’t see her. Having said that, given my disheveled appearance I’m surprised she didn’t call the police.

Since I didn’t have my debit card with me to use on the “pay at the pump” function, I went into the main store and bought two yoghurts. Apart from killing the five minutes to the kiosk opening, I don’t know why I bought them. But hey, I was half asleep, freezing and dying for a fag – who can be sensible in that frame of mind?

Days that start like that just aren’t worth the effort. Next time I’ll make sure I fill the damn car before the gauge hits empty.

Yeah, right. 😛



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2 Responses to “It’s been one of those days.”

  1. I’m not keen on filling up the car, seems such a mindless task but I shall bear this in mind when I’m tempted to leave it until tomorrow 🙂


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