Writing distractions.


What with one thing and another, I’ve not done much writing lately. The first reason is I have a close relative who’s seriously ill and I’ve spent a lot of my time between working and then going to the hospital to visit. This means I can’t focus and so distract myself with Facebook, Twitter and so on, in order to try and divert my thoughts.

The current reason, right now, is the irresponsible idiot, who’s just taken his kids, via a very high fence, into the school playground opposite my house. Despite the school being closed for the weekend and the fact there’s a park nearby, they’re playing football and yelling at the top of their lungs. The adult looks to be in his thirties and therefore old enough to know better than to a) teach his kids how to trespass, b) have them climbing fences that are six foot high, and c) not giving a sh*t about disturbing people in the houses and ruining their Saturday afternoon

Think I’ll use him as a character in one of my books and have him tormented by screaming hordes of householders and see how he likes it.



3 Responses to “Writing distractions.”

  1. I’d call the police on his arse!


    • We did, but he buggered off before they arrived – more’s the pity.


      • What an example to set for his kids. Mind you, he might still be nicked, unawares to most people, most schools have a vast network of CCTV cameras capturing any angle especially to catch vandals, thieves etc so hopefully he’s been caught on them! ;P


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