Climb inside my imagination…


…and discover something new – something different.

Some of the few talents I possess are, a vivid imagination and the ability to transform my penchant for the fantastical into stories. Of course not everyone shares my belief in my ability to grip the reader and carry them with me into strange and new worlds, but those that do, and there’ve been quite a lot, are glad they’ve ventured into my worlds and become acquainted with my characters.

Below are examples of the feedback I’ve had on my work. As you can see, two words are prevalent: imaginative and imagination.

In some ways I hear hear echoes and see shadows of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s “The Talisman” in this.
Strong visual imagery and an appealing if not flawed character in Jeremiah Tully. Great job bringing his appeal to the forefront.
Your imaginative construct and originality is also to be commended. It’s always great to see an original concept on here and not re-hashed garbage.

Your imagination is wonderful. You made the story flow well. I don’t really have any helpful constructive criticism. It was a well edited great story. I am glad I read this.

Hi Kate!
I love series, and in the immortal colloquialisms of the deep south, “Ain’t no lyin’!”
I’m liking this just as much as I did the first Jeremiah Tully book. You have a fantastic writing style that flows well and keeps my attention. This is just as imaginative and compelling as I expected it to be! Can’t wait to read the rest of it one day.

So, if you’re looking for something different, something just outside the norm, fast paced and filled with wild and evocative imagery, you know where to go.





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  1. And the comments are all so true!


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