Carpe Diem! (Seize the day)

save the day

Never a truer word spoken, but a piece of advice I have, alas, not always followed. Recent events in my life have shown me that our time in this world is all too brief and that it’s nothing short of a crime to procrastinate, a habit in which I all too frequently indulge.

Yes, it’s fine to dream of bigger and better things, fine to want to leave your mark on the world; but the crucial thing is to do it and not just while away your allotted hours, minutes and seconds in useless speculation and then finally realise it’s too late.

So seize the day, grab life by the collar and shake everything you can out of it. Be generous, love and be loved, do no evil and when the end finally comes, you can leave with the satisfaction of a life well lived.



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3 Responses to “Carpe Diem! (Seize the day)”

  1. This is SUCH an important statement for us all. But I must say, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about Kate. I have wasted years and years in stupid, futile contemplation, living in my head and my dreams and not actually going out and doing anything about them. Is it too late? No, of course it’s not. BUT, some things, some accomplishments you want in life do, unfortunately, come with a very short timeline attached and in regards to those, then yes, I am rapidly running out of time. In all honestly, yes I’ve travelled and seen and done some very cool things, but the last ten years? Nope. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seized the day and it’s about bloody time I did! Thank you, Kate, this really resonated with me. šŸ™‚


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