Thinking in paragraphs.


I don’t know about other writers, but sometimes I find myself thinking in “paragraphs.” I suddenly get an idea for my latest work in progress and the next thing I’m “writing” it out in my head. The words flow and blend, merge and mix, and all is perfection, until I actually go to put them down on paper and the “paragraphs” vanish into the ether.

Why is this? Well it’s usually because these “paragraphs” pop into my head at the most awkward of times, such as when I’m in a meeting at work and can’t make a note of them.  On the other hand, most ideas usually come in the wee hours, but at least I can grab the pen and notebook I keep by my bed and jot them down, ready for a more reasonable time of day.

Have I always thought like this? I guess I have. I find myself constantly inserting commas into people’s conversations, when they rattle on without pausing for breath. Or mentally editing other people’s sentences, or correcting grammar. I can’t help it. I’ve tried to stop doing it, but can’t – I suppose I’m addicted and it’s a side effect of being a writer 😀



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