Judge a book by its cover?


A friend of mine recently asked: What’s in a book cover? on her blog. I have to agree with her that too many covers look more or less alike, especially in the romance genre. A man, with abs you could scrub washing on, and a flamed haired temptress, exposing shapely shoulders and a heaving bosom. They’re usually either in a clinch or near pornographic posture. In the paranormal genre, the same thing applies. Wolves and vampires abound, with a full moon or darkened forest in the background.

Now I appreciate that most authors don’t get a say in the cover art; my publisher, Ecanus, seem to be an exception. Whilst they do have the last word, they at least ask for my thoughts on any proposed cover and certainly take my feedback on board. So far I’ve really loved the images they’ve proposed.

I hope you’ll agree they really ain’t too shabby 😀






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5 Responses to “Judge a book by its cover?”

  1. I like the way the theme is silmilar, using different colour tones. I hope the third volume is going to be in happy greens or blues, not black or flame red!


  2. Very eye-catching covers. Ecanus has done well, with your input of course. I’ll be excited to see the final cover.


  3. Beautiful new cover, Kate, it goes brilliantly with the first and I love the muted colour scheme, very mysterious. Yes, I must say there are few things as important as a cover and making that all important first impression. We all buy and browse with our eyes. We’re a visual species. Certainly if I cover doesn’t grab me, I’m unlikely to bother picking it up to even read the blurb.

    You’re very lucky my girl, not only do you have a publisher who listens to you, but they produce excellent high quality and professional looking covers. Any publishing house worth their salt will always employ a professional qualified cover artist to produce their covers…ahem, not an unqualified partner in the company with dubious ‘artist talents’. 😛


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