Bloody teeth – again!


Just back from what I hope is my last visit to the dentist. This time it was to extract a tooth that had become infected and replace it with a denture.

The said tooth had a root on it that would have safely anchored a mighty oak tree in a 100 mile gale! No less than five injections were required to make my mouth numb enough for the dentist to be able to haul it out, without me inflicting serious injury on him.

So now I have a shiny new smile and a gob full of blood, with which to scare small children and animals.



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5 Responses to “Bloody teeth – again!”

  1. Poor Kate! I hope your dental troubles soon abate! *hugs*


  2. I hope that’s all sorted for you now and you have no more trouble with your teeth! Best wishes xx


  3. Handy, if you are plagued by obnoxious small relatives.


  4. Thanks girls, fingers crossed. Yes, Jane, really handy for scaring the raucous kids in the school playground opposite our house. 😀


  5. Poor you! I was really hoping it didn’t have to be an extraction after what I went through. Poor you. I’m amazed they gave you a denture thing. I think my dentist is useless. I was told I could have this clip in thing for just over £200. I asked about a professional fake tooth, like a ceramic implant or something – £2,000!!! So I just have a hole at the moment. So sorry you had to go through that, it SUCKS! 😦


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