Writer seeking gainful employment.

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As I’ve said before on this blog, writing is my passion. I’m in the fortunate, yet unfortunate position of being in full time employment. Fortunate, because so many people don’t have work and no matter how hard they try, don’t seem able to become employed, or end up in jobs that barely pay a subsistence wage. Unfortunate, in that it drastically reduces the time I can spend writing.

Ahh, poor you! I hear you mutter, before going to make a cup of tea, or do the ironing. But it’s not self pity or the mere desire to moan that motivates this post. It’s a longing to be a worthwhile author, to know that what I write is enjoyable and pleasing to any readers who happen to stumble across my work. This desire is greater than wanting to be rich or famous, although those things’d be great too.

Just being published is living the dream I’ve cherished for more years than I care to remember and in that I’m content. At least I’ve achieved one of my ambitions, seen it come to fruiton and for that I am eternally grateful 😀




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3 Responses to “Writer seeking gainful employment.”

  1. Completely agree. I have more time than you do, but it isn’t ‘quality’ time—broken up by a thousand different things that have to be done. It doesn’t provide any financial reward, but it gives me the impression that I’m doing something worthwhile.


  2. I’m glad to see you’ve made it! I’m still on my way to publish my first collection of short stories… I have enough time to pursue a Writing career so I’m taking courses, reading a lot and writing a lot, of course. Hope one day I can be published too! I wish you all the best, Kate. You are a very talented writer.


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