Tribesman, by Paul Freeman


I’ve just finished reading Paul Freeman’s debut novel, Tribesman and what a read! Epic in every sense of the word, the story takes the reader on a grueling journey, alongside its main protagonist, Culainn.

A warrior from the cold and beautiful north, Culainn now resides within the hot, dusty Empire, a fugitive from his own people and past actions.

Mr Freeman manages to immerse his reader in the world he has created, painting a picture of a brutal and bloody world, in which his champion fights to survive and, in the way of true heroes, save the woman he loves. The plot is steadfast, the descriptions vivid and engaging and the characters rounded out as near to reality as it’s possible to get.

There are a few sentences and dialogue that could have been tightened up, but this could be said of many well established authors’ work. The point is, this is a book well worth reading. Big, bold and full of action, the writer does not hold back, but gives his all in engaging his readers.

So, live the story, ride, run and fight alongside Culainn and become part of the epic.

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4 Responses to “Tribesman, by Paul Freeman”

  1. This is another one I am adding to my to read list!! Sounds great! šŸ™‚


  2. Definitely! I MUST take a photo of all the Alliance books I have now, they’re seriously taking over my bookshelves! šŸ˜€


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