Bloody teeth!


I’d sooner wear dentures any day, at least they don’t ache.

As some of you may know, I paid a visit to the dentist a few weeks ago for some much needed fillings, which  took two days to complete. Afterwards, when the novacane wore off, I felt like I’d been in a boxing match and lost.

Since then all’s been fine, until Saturday night when one of my other damn teeth started to throb. The right side of my face, from the corner of my mouth, up to my ear, is in agony. And of course it’s a bank holiday, so the dentist is shut. I could try for an emergency appointment, but unfortunately I don’t have the equivalent of the national debt to pay for it. So it’s Ibuprofen and Co-codemol for me, until tomorrow. (Groan).



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8 Responses to “Bloody teeth!”

  1. If it makes you feel any better – my hubby needed extensive work so I was doing some research and it seems that people who wear dentures die about ten years sooner than people who have at least some of their own teeth. It’s all to do with absorption of the good stuff in your food, plus quite a degree of the happiness quotient, taking your teeth out at night is apparently quite depressing. I know tooth ache is horribly horrible but hang on to your dents if you can they are helping to keep you alive.


  2. Thanks Diane. 😀


  3. Ohh Kate!!! Tooth ache is terrible!!! Hope you get it sorted very soon!!


  4. Hope your teeth are feeling better soon!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! All the info is here. 🙂


  5. Toothache is the pits…in fact the term ‘toothache’ is a complete lie, as it’s really toothagony! So sorry to hear the dreaded nashers are causing yet more problems. I’m in the same sinking boat too. The same tooth I had agony with last year, a filling right down to the root which I thought was a root canal – no, the dentist left the root in. It’s been giving me periodic bouts of agony too. Every time I talk or clench my teeth the pain shoots. I went back a few weeks ago to discover the tooth had split right down to the root, and was about as useful as a boot on a fish. (ahem…could the over filling of it have done that prehaps?) Anyway, I chickened out a few weeks ago, but tomorrow I have to go back and he’s extracting the whole thing. No more tooth – just a gaping whole where the pain and my dignity used to live…

    Really really feeling your pain honey…Fingers and toes crossed that you get sorted out quickly!!! xx


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