For all you spammers out there…

spam…get a life.

Like everyone who has a blog, I get my fair share of spam emails. Some of them are so badly written and completely unrelated to the article they’re “commenting” on, they can be quite entertaining. That said, they can also be bloody annoying, but we delete and move on.

Apart from my blog, I also get what’s known as “phishing” emails, when some unscrupulous b*stard tries to get my bank details or email password out of me for their own nefarious purposes. For those of you who don’t know, your bank or email service provider will never email you, asking you to confirm your account number, password or threaten to close your account if you don’t respond. On no account reply to these charlatans, it’ll only lead to grief.

Then there’s the creme de la creme – Canadian Pharmacy and their everlasting quest to sell each and everyone of us their fine products, which seem to consist mainly of Viagra. Block them as you may, they’ll keep coming back, using disposable address, after disposable address. Why do they do it? The time and effort put into spamming must surely be wasted, as they’re notorious and are even under investigation by some drugs authorities. Boys and gals, they’ll get you in the end.

So the moral of this tale is, all the energy put into spamming and conning people will surely lead to a dead end. They’re are easier and more legitimate ways of earning money that won’t see you in court and possibly in jail.



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8 Responses to “For all you spammers out there…”

  1. I’ve never spammed and am not into it, but I always used to enjoy Splinker’s spams, they were so funny and inventive! Kind of made you realise how good a spam could be if the effort were put in! 🙂


  2. Since you mention spam, I’ve just taken a peek into my spam folder to see what they look like. WordPress weeds them out (nearly 500 so far and 60 left in the queue! so I never see them. Mostly from eastern Europe by the looks of them and more or less gibberish. Wonder how WordPress picks them up?


    • Splinker’s spam was all in good fun, the ones I’m talking about are those posted on my blog as “comments” Usually from commercial sites, or pornography sites. Yes, Splinker is in a class of his own. 😀


  3. God knows where they come from Jane.


  4. lmfao!! I get the Canadian Pharmacy deluge as well. I laughed so hard when I read that “Canadian Pharmacy and their everlasting quest to sell each and everyone of us their fine products,” tears came to my eyes. Judging by the poor grammar on a lot of spam (especially blog spam) I’d have to guess that a bunch of these aren’t from human being, but from very poorly scripted bots.


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